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— Anonymous: Tbh I think Zoro's and Sanji's arcs got worse post timeskip. Sanji revealed a transmisogynistic facade and was completely flanderized and Zoro became too overpowered compared to Luffy.

Yeahhh… I hate that so much about sanji then zoro’s just… Too Strong yanno? Too arrogant. I want someone to knock him down a few notches, make him unsure and actually push himself like his previous fights. Mihawk’s rubbed off on him too much :T

— Anonymous: I'm going to a con, and my mother is coming with me (she's a geek, but she's never been to a con so I said I gotta take her with me!!) and I wanted to know if I could cosplay your 2p!england and have her as 2p!britannia?

Aww thatd be super cute i hope you guys take pictures!

Good morning 8)

so recently my bro Cameron got a job at Steak N Shake

and i was joking the other night about him bringing me home a burger. ( he’s working from 4pm to close so he sometimes doesnt get home till midnight so naturally i wasnt expecting him to )

He literally just walked in and tossed me a triple cheese steakburger and it was ACTUALLY HOT



"They’re only fictional characters"


  • baby: s- s-
  • sister: sis? sissy?
— Anonymous: Uhhh hi I'm sorry if I'm annoying you, I recently found out about a wordless FrUk comic that I believe you did and I tried finding it but I can't and I'm sorry but can you maybe direct me cause there's a lot of good stories relating to it ._. I'm sorry again to bug you

you mean this one?

man, throwback comics from 2012 lol


what if sanji got rly bad leg cramp

cisappointing: Does sanji ever go back to being like he was in his first intro? I'm only on chapter 450 and when I first saw sanji I was like "YOOOO THAT MY SON" and now I'm like "YOOOO WHAT THE FUCK U DOING" and this is upsetting. Does he get any development??

post timeskip he’s been nothing but rly disappointing ( especially fishman island arc ) and getting progressively worse, so right now we’re all kinda hoping for the best and get him turned back around.

even right now in the dressrosa arc its like he hasnt… gotten any better lol

but i’m still hoping for him lol


greatest weakness:

  • any group of flawed but lovable misfits who make a family with each other
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