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Oh no Bartolomeo is hilarious

— Anonymous: I think the anon went like 'mrs.' because you have 'lady' in your url

that doesn’t make any sense

— Anonymous: Happy easter (and happy 4/20) mrs beek!

… Mrs?

peronatheghostprincess: Beek who's your favorite marine so far in One Piece?

Smokey doki doki

shadzu replied to your post: im sorry

gdi brooke


— Anonymous: Wait so is the no-shirt thing because it would get burned or something? Wait he wears pants tho....


was just trying to make a joke„„„

in all seriousness however, i wouldnt put it past him that he wants to proudly display his back tattoo at all times

im sorry

— Anonymous: Does Ace have shirt issues or something (not that I'm complaining eheheh) Like, boy do you never get cold or what tELL ME YOUR SECRETS.

maybe he’s simply

too hot

Pirates, Brothers and Donuts.



We know what’s gonna happen after this.

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